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(VIDEO) "Around In Crazy Circles"

Check out this unusual video that has an even deeper meaning beyond its visual aspects. Watch closely how perception can be formed based on the most simplest of visual elements & create a totally new image. It's really thought-provoking!

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(VIDEO) "Sugar: Hiding In Plain Sight"

There is a dastardly villain among us.

We know it is around because we can taste it, even sense it. This villain is a true master of disguise and is able to hide right in front of your face.... 


Quick Tips: Weight Loss (#4)

Kurt M's quick weight loss tips:

TIP# 4

Become a couch potato (a "sports watching" couch potato, that is..) :

This may become one of your favorite weight loss tips. The reason? Simple. Every weight loss plan starts in your mind.  There are times when you just cannot convince yourself to get up and work out. Despite what fitness gurus say, it even happens to them from time to time. 


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