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(VIDEO) If We Could See Inside Others Hearts

I saw this video and it nearly brought me to tears. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as well. Please share this with others and leave a comment below. 

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The Green Tea Imperative (Part 2)

Green Tea Leaf is highly regarded in China for its abundant contributions to health and well being. The widespread acceptance of Green tea extract in North America keeps on increasing
Invaluable antioxidants defend the entire body from advanced aging as well as the continuous risk of medical disorders. Years and years of analysis prove that green tea leaf hinders the growth and development of unwelcome bacterial colonies, thereby making it the most beneficial tea on the market
Green tea leaf makes a considerably higher contribution to health and wellness in comparison with various other teas. This is mostly due to the manner in which it is
Green Tea Leaf is organically grown and the long-established drying methods coupled with Green Tea defends the tea from the damaging after-effects of fermentation.
You did read part 1, right?


(IMAGE) "Fitness Tip # 31: Water Is The Key"

"A few glasses a day, keeps the cooties away"


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(VIDEO) "Sugar: Hiding In Plain Sight"

There is a dastardly villain among us.

We know it is around because we can taste it, even sense it. This villain is a true master of disguise and is able to hide right in front of your face.... 


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